How can we accelerate acclimatization and/or adaptation in corals and their symbiotic partners to make reefs more resilient to climate change and other stressors?

What role might intervention play in securing a healthy, resilient future for Caribbean coral reefs?

symbiont acquisition in coral recruits

How do corals establish symbiotic partnerships during their early life stages, and how do environmental conditions influence the identities of their partners? 

“symbiont shuffling” in reef-building corals

By altering the composition of a coral's symbiotic community, can we increase its ability to survive future bleaching events?

regional changes in symbiont metacommunities

How have symbiont communities on Caribbean reefs changed over the past several decades, and how will they continue to shift as the climate changes?

assessing resilience trade-offs in the field

What are the potential physiological and ecological trade-offs of increased thermal resilience in restored corals?